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Beder University - Research


The role of research in a higher education institution is to support teaching and learning, and enrich the experience for both student and lecturer. Research plays a major role at University College Bedër . The practice of research by lecturers stimulates learning by demonstrating how enquiry leads to new knowledge and understanding. The outputs of research enhances the curriculum as students identify with the intellectual curiosity of the lecturer and enjoy the opportunity to advance understanding in their chosen subject themselves through independent studies.

Hëna e Plotë Bedër University has outstanding faculty, scholars and researchers who engage students in scholarship by sharing their knowledge, skills and ideas. Being a Social Research University, our faculty and students are engaging in a diverse array of research and scholarly activities that promote innovation across the disciplines of Communications, Education, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science, and Religious Studies.

Beder researchers are providing solutions to problems that will benefit the people of Albania and Europe as well as participate in interdisciplinary research engaging in global challenges from improving education, supporting the freedom of press, fighting injustice and social inequality, to maintaining peace, diversity and tolerance.

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