Call for Proposals  9 May 2014
 Proposals Due  30 June 2014
 Award Announcement   20 July 2014

In order to support and promote research productivity Hena e Plote Beder University is investing in its faculty by providing funding for an internal award competition.  All full-time faculty members who are engaged in active academic programs are eligible to apply for INSPIRE grants that will distribute a total of 10,000 EUR in research support in this first call.  This source of internal funding can only be awarded once per academic year. 

The primary purpose of the award is to help faculty conduct preliminary research that will be used to strengthen external grant proposals for the larger scale projects. INSPIRE grants are not intended for course development or for teaching-related work, including the development of textbooks or casebooks. The term "research" refers to the scholarly activity in a discipline contributing to knowledge in a subject area, taking a well-defined step toward acquiring new knowledge.  Therefore, we require faculty to submit grant proposals for external funding during the process of completing the work proposed in their proposals. 


INSPIRE grants are provided by the Office of Research to encourage faculty to develop individual innovative research projects leading to the pursuit of external funding or to the promotion of scholarly activities. The program aims to,


Multidisciplinary Research Support Program: Funds will be available for research teams whose efforts intersect more than one traditional social science discipline. The program supports multidisciplinary pilot research projects in humanities and social sciences.

Funds will be available up to 5,000 EUR for a 2 year period.

Young Researchers Support Program: Funds will be awarded to a research faculty who is at the beginning of his or her career (with a PhD or a PhD candidate) in support to promote the development of research projects for further extramural funding. Collaboration and partnerships among researchers who have similar research interests are highly recommended in this category.

Funds will be available up to 3,000 EUR for 1 year period.


Budgets must be presented in general categories and require detailed explanation. Although the INSPIRE Review Committee intends to fund projects as closely as possible to the requested amount, it reserves the right to alter the amount depending on the number of proposals received and funds available.

Allowable Costs

Unallowable Costs


An application file must include following documents:

All materials must be submitted in both soft (PDF) and hard copy to the Research Projects Coordinator’s Office in or before the due date.


Submitted proposals will be evaluated for merit by the INSPIRE Review Committee. The Committee will then provide a prioritized list of recommendations for funding to the University Administrative Board based on the quality of the proposals per the review criteria (see below). The Rector will make awards based on the recommendations of the committee and available funds.


Research Merit:

Nature of Proposal:



Contact: Mrs. Laurela Muça (Research Projects Coordinator)

Internal Phone: 147

E-mail: [email protected]