UNESCO Call for Proposals


 International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC)

Are you an artist or creator? An NGO or a non-profit private or public body, whose activities contribute to the promotion of culture and artistic creation? If your project is compliant with the criteria indicated in the Operational Guidelines of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC), you can submit your project application and be considered in order to benefit from the financial support of the Fund.

The aim of the fund is to:

(a) promote cultures as sources of knowledge, meanings, values and identity; 

(b) the role of culture for sustainable development; 

(c) artistic creativity in all its forms, while respecting freedom of expression; 

(d) international and regional cultural cooperation


Eligible activities are identified as:

(a) the production of cultural and artistic works; 

(b) the organization of cultural and artistic events of national, regional and/or 

international scope contributing to the establishment of culture and development 

strategies and programmes. 


For your facility please find below the link to the call.