Student Project Awards Ceremony


Student Project Awards ceremony was held at Hena e Plote Beder Universty Senate Hall on June 19th 2014. Rector of Beder Universty, Dr. Ferdinand Gjana after a small speech, presented the students the awards and certificates of achievements.

In his speech, the Rector congratulated the students for their achievement. He mentioned that participation could have been higher however it is a good start and the organization of the competitions has been quite well as a first of its kind.  The rector in addition mentioned that the award ceremony considering also that the academic activity at the school is already closed, can be considered as modest, but what is most important is the significance of the awards in terms of students achievements.  The Rector thanked the Research Office team for the good work in organizing the competitions as well as the jury members for their work. In addition he added that the winner of the first prize in the bachelor’s contest besides being a very good project had also been an excellent presentation. He also mentioned the personal satisfaction that he has been the thesis advisor of the winner of the master thesis contest, even though the merit belongs to winner for the excellent job done and the prize had been awarded accordingly having no relation to this fact. He also mentioned that the outstanding master thesis can be in a second step published even translated into English that will be an added value.  In addition, he emphasized the fact that these awards are first steps on the student’s carrier and they join their names with that of Hena e Plote Beder University.

The director of Office of Research Dr. Bayram Karci congratulated the student for their achievements and thanked his staff members for their contributions in the organization of contests. In his speech he emphasized the value of research in the academic life of a university and how Beder University supports the academic activities of the staff and students. Dr. Karci explained the idea behind organizing project contests as, raising awareness of research among students from the beginning of their academic carriers. He mentioned that throughout the contests, at least all the contestants along with their peers learned how to write a research proposal, how to present a project idea and how to write a research report and thesis.

Winner of 1st Prize in Innovative Bachelor’s Project idea contest, Ana Haxhiu shared her emotions and her fears at first that her application might not even be considered. In addition, she thanked the research office team and her thesis advisor for the support they provided both in the application and research processes of her project.

Winner of 2nd Prize in Innovative Bachelor’s Project idea contest, Kadim Rufati mentioned the difficulties in presenting his thesis considering the work needed also because of the fact that the topic chosen required comparative data. He expressed his satisfaction for the award and gratitude for the University for the opportunities provided.

Winner of Outstanding Master’s Thesis Prize, Nereid Shehu expressed his satisfaction for being part of the Beder University in the last two years emphasizing the fact that in Beder, students are encouraged and supported aiming always towards values which is an added value of Beder University.

In his closing remarks, the Rector Dr. Ferdinand Gjana mentioned that in these times, not only Albania but the world in general need more than ever educated individuals able to produce and present works of excellence as those presented in the competitions.