Director: Atakan DERELİOĞLU

Bedër Center of Islamic Studies (BECIS) is a recognized centre of the “Hëna e Plotë” (Bedër) University. It was established in 2012 to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world. It is governed by an administrative board consisting of scholars and statesmen from different parts of the world, alongside representatives of the “Hëna e Plotë” (Bedër) University. Bedër Center of Islamic Studies (BECIS) contributes scholars, students, the media and the general public to move beyond stereotypes and develop an accurate awareness and appreciation of Islamic religion, law and culture.

We believe that strong religious institutions and healthy communities of faith are necessary to the well being of individuals and society. The center aims to promote a constructive and critical understanding of the role of Islam and Muslims in wider society, with a focus on the Balkans and the international arena. We have a firm commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence, to the understanding of Islam and spirituality as they are lived out in daily life, to the exploration of issues such as creed, Islamic jurisprudence, morality, scientific topics in the Qur’an and hadith, gender, race and class, the role of Islam and muslims in a broader society and to education that integrates the many dimensions of human experience.

Bedër Center of Islamic Studies (BECIS) is responsible for scholarly research, training, publication and communication with the public inspired by universal human values. It aims to conducting Islamic research to offer solutions on the issues that Albanian Muslims in the Balkans and the world demand. It is committed to introducing accurate Islamic teachings to the researchers and academia at national and international levels based on the Holy Quran and the tradition of the prophet of Islam (Pbuh).

Bedër University Center of Islamic Studies (BECIS), through good scholarship it promotes a more informed understanding of Islam - its culture and civilisation. The Centre is committed to the advancement of academic excellence in training, research and publication. Its outreach activities sustain dialogue and promote mutual understanding and contributing to the dissemination of peaceful message of Islam and becoming a leading Islamic research center at national and international levels