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Beder University - Research


Enhancing the library of “Hëna e Plotë” Bedër University

  The project is concepted   as an awareness campaign aiming to enrich the library of “Hëna e Plotë” Bedër University.    

Training for Teachers and Managers of Secondary Education

The project provides organizing of training modules for teachers of secondary education in order to improve teaching methodology and  promoting the use of technology in teaching.

Improving Communication Skills of Albanian Imams

The project is going to help the imams of Albania in coping with different conflicts and preventing clashes caused by communications deficiency.

Survey on Spirituality in Albanian Higher Education (Completed)

The research tries to search for an answer whether the undergraduate experience facilitates or hinders students’ spiritual/religious quest.

Education in Your Shelter (Education of Children Isolated due to Blood Feud)

The main purpose of the project is to offer education to the children isolated due to blood feud, through educational packages in a digital platform.

EUCROSS Crossing Borders Making Europe (As a Collaborator)

The EUCROSS project is part of the EC’s 7th Framework Programme (‘Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities’, Activity 8.5: “The Citizen in the European Union”). Its primary goal is to explore European citizenship and its relation to identities and practices.
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