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Beder University - Research


Beder researchers study global issues and collaborate with partners and scholars around the world. Our researchers collaborate with colleagues at universities and research institutions around the world - working on joint research, organizing conferences and workshops. The vast majority of such collaborations grow bottom-up from relationships forged at the individual or departmental level. 

To deliver on its mission of educational and research excellence and societal impact, Beder University has built connections with partners around the world as strong as those enjoyed by any university. Most of this collaboration happens through the research links developed by our academics with partners abroad. Beder University has also entered into a small number of important institutional relationships, including bilateral links with other universities and membership of university associations. Beder University has signed memorandum of understanding and exchange agreements with about forty international institutions in terms of student exchange, research, staff exchange and more.

Researchers seeking to create research links and partnerships with Beder researchers are advised to identify areas of joint academic interest and to contact the relevant Beder researcher directly. A list of Beder researchers with their respective expertise information can be reached at Faculty Expertise and Contact page.

Institutions seeking to establish institutional research links with Beder University may contact us at

Those seeking student and staff exchange may contact directly to the International Relations Office (IRO) at Beder University.





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