Department of Law


Name & Contact Field of Study Areas of Research

Dr. Ferdinand Gjana

[email protected]

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International Law International and European Law

Dr. Arian Lame

[email protected]

International Relations

Dynamics of Relation Between Different Groups,
Political Elite and Leadership,
Conflict Resolution in Border Conflicts

Dr. Irvin Faniko

[email protected]

Labor Law Constituional Law
Labor Law
International Law

Albi Koçibelli

[email protected]

Political Science and International Relations

Public International Law,
Legal/Political Philosophy,
Global Governance,
IR Theories

Gentian Skara

[email protected]

European Studies European Union Law,
Europeanization of domestic Legislation,
EU Competition Law,
European Integration,
Politics of European Integration,
Common Security and Defence,
NATO and European Union

Nertil Berdufi

[email protected]

Criminal Law

Criminal Law, Cybercrime law,
E-contract and e- commerce law,
International criminal Law,
European criminal Law