Education in Your Shelter


Project Manager: Matilda Likaj Shakiri

The main purpose of the project is to offer education to the children isolated due to blood feud, through educational packages in a digital platform.

The district with the largest number of the families isolated due to blood feud in Shkodra, therefore the project will be implemented in this district.

This program will be implemented through the preparation of the integrated curricula, reduced in order to meet the needs of the isolated children. These curricula will include the educational programs from the first to the ninth grade, and will be offered in a two years period. This is the reason it is identified as an integrated curricula. With regard to the integration of curricula, it is important to emphasize that these programs will include the education on:

Reading and writing; Basic knowledge on mathematics; Basic knowledge on natural sciences; Basic knowledge on social sciences; Basic knowledge on other disciplines that contribute in forming a general cultural knowledge; Knowledge of foreign languages (English).