Launching of the project Education in Your Shelter


The project "Education in your shelter" is launched in the city of Shkodra. The project is initiated in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports, aiming to provide access to education to all children isolated as a result of the blood feud that are unable to attend school like their peers.

Beder University offered the computer infrastructure and other materials to be used by children for their education, based on the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The programing software that enables the children to follow through computer their classes was offered by the English company "Schoolme".

During the ceremony held on this occasion, the computers provided by Beder University, were distributed along with books that were a contribution of the students of this university.

In her speech, the Minister of Education, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, expressed her gratitude for the actors who made this project possible. She emphasized the importance of the education of these children and the support to be given to ease the pain that causes the confinement of blood feud.

"I thank the University "Hëna e Plotë" Beder for the support, offering computers for these children, as well as "Schoolme" for enabling the electronic format of the curriculum. We will fight to isolate blood feud, so that it will not isolate our children"- concluded her speech, Ms. Nikolla.