Proposal Development Guide



Step 1 - Develop Original Idea

Review the literature and conduct bibliographic searches.

Notify the Department Chair of your research interests.

Identify faculty with similar research interests.

Identify potential sources of funding.


Step 2 - Complete Pre-Proposal Activities

Review potential funding sources.

Secure program applications and guideline material.

Identify previously funded projects.

Consult Research Projects Coordination Unit about you your 

Draft concept paper and rough budget estimate.

Discuss idea with potential sponsors/program officers.


Step 3 - Draft Formal Proposal

Complete draft of proposal and ask colleagues and experts to provide feedback.

If necessary, complete separate applications to institutional committees (ethical committee).


Step 4 - Prepare and Submit Formal Proposal

Complete final draft of proposal.

Deliver proposal to Research Projecs Coordination Unit.

Be available for last-minute discussions with administrative personnel.


Step 5 - Award or Declination Processing

Be available for negotiation, discussion and revision, if necessary.

If funded, award will be established.

If not funded, request peer review comments.

Resubmit, if appropriate.